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Breakfast and After School Club

Breakfast and After School Club is known as Fun Club.

Breakfast Club runs in the morning from 7.45 to 8.45am.  We offer a variety of cereals, juices, toast and fresh fruit. Children help to set out and tidy away breakfast including washing up and drying dishes.  The cost is £3 per session.

After School Club runs from 3.15 to 5.15pm.  Where we have a variety of toys that children can play with, they are taught how to share, plus they tidy up when they have finished playing. We also work alongside the school curriculum. We offer a snack of fruit, toast or biscuits.  Drinks are also available (juice, milk or water).  The cost is £7 per session.

  • How do I book Fun Club?

    To book a place or need to enquire you need to email funclub@sextonsmanorschool.com

    if you are booking a space you need to pay up front in advance for a whole term or half term, via this link  once you have received confirmation. which you can get from office.

    Please note, If your child/children is sick or doesn't attend when they have reserved their space, you will lose the money.

  • Do I have to book my child's place in advance?

    Yes. Due to limited numbers it is important that you book your sessions in advance. This is normally done in advance for the forthcoming term.

  • Who runs Fun club? Is it an outside organisation, or school staff?

    The Fun Club is run by existing staff from the School. The Superviser is Mrs Rigby who works as an LSA. 

Guide to how to pay for the Funclub

Please find below a PDF guide to how to pay for the Funclub.

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