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Special Events

Buzzard Rescue by Oscar in Year 4

During the Summer holidays in the very hot weather, me and my dad left home to go shopping, when we came across a big bird in the middle of a country lane. My dad stopped his van and got out to see if the bird was okay, great news the bird was still alive! Then my dad said it’s a Buzzard, which is one of the big birds we always see flying around! We wanted to help the bird out, so my dad managed to pick it up and put it in a box that he had in his van, and we took it home straight away. When we got home my dad sprayed the bird with water to cool it down, because he thought the Buzzard might have been hot and needed water! I put some water on a blanket so my dad could put the Buzzard back in the box to keep it cool, then my dad called the Bird of Prey & Owl Sanctuary in Stowmarket to see if they could help. They asked us to bring the Buzzard over, so we drove over to see them. As we arrived we were told to go to the Bird Hospital, where there were two lady’s waiting to see us. The Lady in the Bird Hospital looked at the Buzzard to see if it had been hit or hurt in any way. She said it seemed to be fine, not hurt at all, then she explained that the Buzzard was a young male and had Just left the nest. Because the weather was so hot, and he had no water or food for a few days, he was suffering. She said if we hadn’t rescued the Buzzard that day it may have passed away due to hot weather! We watched the lady feed the Buzzard with some liquid food in a syringe to make it feel better. After that we got to say bye-bye to the buzzard and we were told we would get a phone call in a few days to see how he is getting on. 

Oscar Year 4


Year 5 & Year 2 Maths

The year five children have been busy creating some fun activities and games to help the year 2 children learn and recall their 2 and 10 multiplication facts.  The children in year 5 created a variety of activities ranging from block games, quiz style games, clapping games and even a cheerleading style activity to help engage the year 2 children.  The year 5 children took charge and shared their activities with groups of children during the session. The year 2 children loved the tasks and activities and invited the older children to come back and share more learning. The older children were able to not only teach skills to help the younger children, but to encourage them to talk about their learning as well. They supported them to make links and think about how others might learn.  ‘Well done’ to all the children for their teamwork and creativity!


Y2_5 photo

A huge thank you to Suffolk County Council, the PTA and a very kind grandad who donated funds for this new piece of playground equipment.  The children (and Mrs Knight) love it!

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