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Our Govenor attendance data can be found below.

Sean Allison.  I joined the Governors in Autumn 2019 to be involved with Sexton's Manor Primary School and help maintain it's high standards. I have two children attending the school. I have worked in agricultural research for the last ten years and previously to this, I was a Greenkeeper at golf courses in St Andrew's and in Cambridge.

Alison Blackwell. 

Alison joined the governing body in 2014 and has one child and Sexton's Manor. She has a professional and personal interest in physical activity well-being. She is the lead governor for PE at the school.

Annie Wainwright. Annie retired in 2018, having spent forty years in the teaching profession. She has worked mainly in Suffolk, teaching pupils in the 8 -13 years age range, in both state-funded and independent sectors. Although initially a class teacher of all subjects, she later qualified in special educational needs & disabilities (SEND), specialising in teaching dyslexic and dyscalculic pupils. To widen her experience, she worked part time for five years at Highpoint Prison assessing and helping inmates with dyslexia, and was a parent governor for four years at a local special school. She hopes to put her extensive experience to good use to support Sexton’s Manor School.

Richard Selby.  Seeing two premature, identical twin babies in separate incubators, made me realise, for the first time, that we all have our own distinctive identity and personality. That was over forty years ago. Since then, through the experiences of being a father at home, a midday supervisor, a teaching assistant and a school governor, I have tried to respect, encourage and support the children and young people I have had the privilege to work with. No one knows what we can all ultimately achieve so I look forward to supporting Sexton’s Manor School towards helping their pupils achieve their very best..

Mrs Suzanne Nugent. I joined the Governors in 2023 and have a daughter attending the school. I am a Chartered Town Planner and have worked in the industry for 15 years across both local authority and private consultancy.  In this profession good communication skills are extremely important and therefore I am keen to ensure that children grow up as good communicators.  I also have a passion for art and the positive impact it has on children and their well-being.  I always loved school and I hope that all children have a happy school experience and I look forward to supporting Sexton's Manor as a Governor to help their pupils thrive. 

Rev Andrew Miller.  Andy is the Team Rector of the Lark Valley and North Bury Team of Churches and has been since August 2021. He was, and is, delighted to have been asked to become an associate governor at Sextons Manor School, found in one of his parishes in 2022, alongside the invitation to begin leading assemblies in the school too. As well as being a minister in the Church of England, Andy has a past in science, enjoys reading, walking and film and hopes that these and other qualities will help staff and pupils at Sextons Manor.

Previous Governors

Dr John Parr: Term of Office  2018 - 2020                     Rev Matt Selman: Term of Office  2017 - 2020                    Mrs Hannah McWattie: Term of Office  2015 - 2020

Mrs Jackie Jones: Term of Office  2014 - 2019           Cornelis Van  den Oort: Term of Office  2014 - 2020         Keren Abbott:Term of Office  2020 - 2021 

Gemma Brockwell: Term of Office  2014 - 2021  Jacqui Rozier. Term of Office 2019 - 2023  David Brett  Term of Office 2020 - 2024.  David Butler Term of Office 2022 - 2026

  • What are governors for?

    Governors enable the school to run as effectively as possible, working alongside the headteacher and supporting staff to raise standards and provide an excellent education for the children

  • What do governors do?

    Governors have legal powers and responsibilities to:

    • Make decisions about how the school is run
    • Monitor the quality of Teaching and Learning
    • Interview and select staff
    • Decide on how the school budget should be spent
    • Report information about the school to the parents
    • Oversee the maintenance of the school building

    There is a Handbook for Governors

  • How often do governors meet?

    There are 6 full meetings to attend (one every half term).  You will also be encouraged to be on at least one committee that meets every term.

  • Do I need any qualifications to be a governor?

    Not at all.  In fact, you do not even need to be a parent.  Governors bring their own skills and knowledge to support the school and there is training and support for the things you may need to learn about.

  • How can I apply to be a governor?

    Simply contact the school and express your interest.  Someone on the governing body will then be in touch to discuss things further.  

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