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Our current Governors

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Name   Mrs Valerie Axton

Governor Type  Co-opted

Term From 01.04.2015

Term To  31.03.2019

Role  Chair of Governors 

Committees   Personnel and Communications, Curriculum and Pupil Discipline Committees

Responsibilities  Attendance, Special Educational Needs, More Able

Pecuniary Interests  Upbeat - West Suffolk Heart Charity - Treasurer/Membership

Attendance at meetings 2016-2017  5 Full Governing Body Meetings, 3 Steering Committees,  2 Personnel Meetings, 3 Finance, Premises,

H & S, 2 Curriculum, Head's Performance Management

Relationship to any member of staff or spouse: NONE

Valerie Axton retired in 2012 after thirty eight years as a teacher and Headteacher, mainly in Suffolk.  She originally trained as a Nursery/Infant teacher but mainly worked with older children.  Her particular interests are School Management, More Able and Special Needs and all Curriculum subjects.  She joined the Governing Body in 2013 as Chair of Governors.


Name  Mrs Alison Blackwell

Governor Type  Parent Governor

Term From  25.04.2018 (Re-elected)

Term To  24.04.2022

Role  Joint Vice Chair of Governors 

Committees  Chair of Personnel and Communications; On Finance and Premises, Hearings Committee, Link Governor

Responsibilities  P.E., Eco and Forest Schools,

Pecuniary Interests  Abbeycroft Leisure - Development Director

Attendance at meetings 2016-2017  6 Full Governing Body Meetings, 3 Steering Committees, 2 Personnel Meetings, 3 Finance,

Premises,  H & S.

Relationship to any member of staff or spouse: NONE

Alison joined the governing body in 2014 and has two children and Sexton's Manor. She has a professional and personal interest in physical activity and is the lead governor for PE at the school.


Name  Mrs Hannah McWattie

Governor Type  PARENT

Term From  19.11.2015

Term To  18.11.2019

Role Joint Vice Chair of Governors

Committees  Curriculum, Pupil discipline, Appeals

Responsibilities  Maths Data, EYFS - Early Years

Pecuniary Interests  Member of staff of the Samuel Ward Academy Trust

Attendance at meetings 2016- 2017  6 Full Governing Body Meetings, 2 Curriculum

Relationship to any member of staff or spouse: NONE

I have been a parent governor since October 2016, taking up the role when my eldest daughter was in Reception.  I have two daughters and they both now attend Sexton's Manor.  I was driven to become a governor by my desire to support the school where my daughters are educated and where they are so happy.  I have been a teacher for 15 years and currently work for Samuel Ward Academy in Haverhill as a Maths teacher and Specialist Leader in Education.  I have skills and experience in leading teams, dealing with curriculum changes and coaching and developing teacher and support staff.  With my background in education and passion for data and Mathematics I feel there is a great deal I can offer the school. 


Name  Mrs Daphne Dyer

Governor Type  Local Authority Governor

Term From  01.02.2017

Term To  31.01.2021

Committees  Chair of Curriculum Committee; On Personnel and Communications, Appeals and the Head's Performance Review

Responsibilities  Literacy and the Arts

Pecuniary Interests  Suffolk Young People's Theatre - Trustee

Attendance at meetings 2016-2017  4 Full Governing Body Meetings, 3 Steering Committees, 2 Curriculum, 2 Personnel Meetings.

Relationship to any member of staff or spouse: NONE

I trained as a P E teacher with English and Drama for my degree. I have taught students in East London, Germany (9 years) Wales and Bury St. Edmunds and also teacher training graduates. I became Head of PE and Head of Year 8 in a local school until I retired. I was approached by the Local Authority and asked if I would be a School governor and came to Sextons Manor where I was very impressed. I have been a governor here for over twenty years.

I enjoy working with the dedicated and hard - working staff and I have special links to Literacy and the Performing Arts. I thoroughly enjoy my visits to Sexton’s Manor.


Name  Mrs Gemma Brockwell

Governor Type  Parent Governor

Term From  23.01.2018 (Re-elected)

Term To  22.01.2022

Committees  On Finance and Premises, Curriculum, Appeals

Responsibilities  CIC - Children in Care, On-line Safety, Child Protection and Safeguarding, ICT

Pecuniary Interests  Suffolk County Council - Social Care and Integrated Services. Sexton's Manor CP School - Helping Hands PTA

Attendance at meetings 2016-2017  6 Full Governing Body Meetings, 4 Finance, Premises, H & S, 2 Curriculum

Relationship to any member of staff or spouse: NONE

I attended Sextons Manor as a child and my two sons now attend the school.

I have been on the Governing body as a parent governor since January 2014 and have taken on the role as Safeguarding Governor.  I have 13 years’ experience of working for the local Authority’s Children and Young Peoples Directorate, specialising in Social Care and Early Help.  My role within the Local Authority equips me with an extensive knowledge of local government policies and procedures.  During this time I have been closely involved with supporting teams of Social workers, practice managers, senior managers together with managing my own team of staff.   I feel that I have a good mix of skills to bring to the Governing Body including staff management, recruitment, HR Issues,  IT, Data Protection and Finance.

I am very much enjoying my term as a parent governor and having seen the changes brought on by the Schools Reorganisation feel very encouraged to support the school through this transition and for both of my children and others to remain here within Suffolk’s two tier system.


Name  Mrs Debbie Knight

Governor Type  Headteacher

Role  Headteacher

Term From  01.09.2009

Committees  Personnel and Communications,  Finance and Premises, Curriculum

Responsibilities  All

Pecuniary Interests  None

Attendance at meetings 2016-2017 6 Full Governing Body Meetings, 3 Steering Committees, 2 Personnel Meetings, 4 Finance,

Premises, H & S, 2 Curriculum

Relationship to any member of staff or spouse: NONE


Name  Mrs Jackie Jones

Governor Type  Staff

Role  Deputy Headteacher

Term From  23.09.2015

Term To  22.09.2019

Committees  Curriculum

Responsibilities  PSHCE and School Council plus others at school

Pecuniary Interests  Family member runs a coaching company 'AJC' Thetford, Norfolk.

Attendance at meetings 2016-2017  5 Full Governing Body Meetings

Relationship to any member of staff or spouse: NONE

As deputy head teacher I enjoy being a staff governor. The position gives me a valuable insight into the governance of the school and the ability to contribute to the decisions that are made by the governing body.  In addition I am a link between the staff of the school and the governing body ; able to explain things that are happening in school to governors, as well as reporting back to staff when appropriate.


Name  Mr Cornelis Van den Oort

Governor Type  Parent Governor  (Previously Co-opted Governor but changed to elected Parent Governor 29.11.2017)

Term From  27.09.2017

Term To  26.09.2021

Committees Finance and Premises and Hearings, Head's Performance Review

Responsibilities Health and Safety, MFL

Pecuniary Interests Beautiful Beers-Proprietor of an Off License

Attendance at meetings 2016-2017  5 Full Governing Body Meetings, 4 Finance, Premises, H & S, 2 Steering Committees

Relationship to any member of staff or spouse: NONE

Mr. Cornelis ( René) van den Oort

René has joined the Board of Governors in November 2015 as a Co-opted Governor.  His experience in business, from Head Chef through to General Catering Manager in the City of London for large banking organisations, to proprietor of a restaurant and a retail unit in Bury St. Edmunds, can make a valuable contribution to Sexton’s Manor. Raising his two children in a bi-lingual household, he is fluent in four languages. With attention to detail and experience in business and people management he wants to support the school’s Head and Teaching Team with their ongoing delivery of quality care and teaching at Sexton’s Manor. He is a keen cyclist and outdoor person.


Name  Rev Matt Selman

Governor Type  Co-opted

Term To  27.09.2017

Term From  26.09.2021

Committees  Personnel, Hearings and Appeals

Responsibilities  PSHCE/RE/ Assemblies

Pecuniary Interests  Employed by the Diocese of St Edmundsbury as a Curate

Relationship to any member of staff or spouse: NONE

Matt has recently moved to Bury as an Assistant Curate (trainee vicar) in the Church of England, based in the North Bury Team of churches and several village churches in the Lark Valley.  Prior to ordination, Matt worked as a Compliance Officer for an insurance company in the City of London and brings experience in corporate governance and policy making, as well as Corporate Social Responsibility.

Matt’s educational interests include Theology, History, and International Politics. Matt is blessed with a baby daughter and, when she allows him, he enjoys reading, singing, cricket and walking the dog.  Matt is looking forward to getting to know the school and contributing to the work of the governing body.


Name     Rev. Dr. John Parr

Governor Type  Co-opted

Term From  21.05.2018

Term To  20.05.2022

Committees  Personnel  Head's Performance Management

Responsibilities  Pupil Premium, Vulnerable Groups

Pecuniary Interests Employed by the Diocese of St Edmundsbury

Attendance at Meetings  

Relationship to any member of staff or spouse:  None


Clerk to the Governors  

Name  Mrs Jackie Ven Der Ree

Pecuniary Interests  SCC Schools Choice governor Services Clerk; Norton CEVC Primary School Office Assistant/TA

Attendance at meetings  Attends all full Governor meetings

Relationship to any member of staff or spouse: NONE


Past Governors

Name  Jesse Fayle

Appointed  17 May 2017

Stepped Down  June 2017


Name  Mr Viv Neary

Appointed  29 November 2017

Stepped Down  20 March 2018




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